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Luca Vecchi

Technicolor at Criticality

Sep. 27, 2010

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Abstract: I propose an asymptotically non-free, natural model for dynamical electro-weak symmetry breaking characterized by the emergence of a weakly coupled Higgs in the IR regime. Due to the large anomalous dimension of the Higgs operator, the model is capable of solving the hierarchy problem without losing the phenomenologically appealing features typical of a weakly coupled sector; in particular, I show that all three standard model fermion generations may (in principle) be accomodated in an extended technicolor framework, and that flavor-changing neutral currents can be consistently decoupled to very high energy scales. I speculate on the possibility that such a scenario be actually realized as a strongly coupled phase of non-supersymmetric non-abelian gauge theories.

Time: 1:30pm-2:50pm

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