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Five New Hires for Quantum Mathematics and Physics

The Physics department has hired four new faculty and Math has hired one new faculty, all in the areas of quantum field theory, gravity, and strings. Veronika Hubeny and Mukund Rangamani arrived in the Physics department this September, Jaroslav Trnka will arrive in December, and Sergei Dubovsky and will begin July 2016. Tudor Dimofte will join the Math department in 2016. All the positions are part of campus Hiring Investment Program. The new hires and the current high-energy and cosmology faculty will be working together to start a new center called “The Center for Quantum Mathematics and Physics,” or QMAP for short. To kick things off, all five new faculty members were in Davis to give talks on their research on October 29-30, and met with Dean Navrotsky and Provost Hexter at an informal reception.

QMAP reception 2015-10-29

QMAP reception 2015-10-29

UC Davis to hire four professors in theoretical physics and mathematics

UC Davis Provost Ralph Hexter has announced that the Faculty Hiring Investment Program (HIP) has accepted a joint proposal from the Physics and Math departments, called “Fundamental Physics and Mathematics of the Universe”, which will entail hiring four professors in theoretical physics and mathematics. The positions will be in both the physics and math departments. Click here for more information.