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Seminars and Workshops

We have particle and cosmology theory seminars on Mondays, phenomenological seminars on Tuesdays, and LHC discussions at lunch on Wednesdays. The detailed schedule can be found on our calendar, while a summary of upcoming events and slides from previous talks can be found in the seminar archive. There is a mailing list for seminar announcements that you can subscribe to. We have also been hosting a series of topical workshops that focus on discussion and interaction rather than formal presentations.

High Energy FAQ

  • How do I get a member account?
    • go to John Terning
  • How do I add the calendar to my Google calendar?
  • How do I schedule a speaker?
    • If you invite someone please enter it immediately into the calendar, or your slot could be lost.
    • Click on the senimar listing for the day of the talk.
    • Click Edit entry for this date.
    • Put the speaker's name in the brief description box.
    • Put other stuff like affiliations, title, etc. in the full description box.
    • Please include the speaker's email.
    • Send an email to the office staff by clicking on “Mail to Staff”
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