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Public Screening of The Atom Smashers

The Atom Smashers

"Finding this Higgs particle "will help scientists figure out why the universe is made of something instead of nothing, why there are atoms, people, planets, stars and galaxies. But it also will do much more than that. It will open a door to a hidden world of physics, where scientists hope to find unimagined wonders that will make relativity and quantum mechanics seem like Tinker Toys."

- Ronald Kotulak, Chicago Tribune

Special Screening of the Director's Cut

The Atom Smashers chronicles the search for the Higgs boson: a yet-undiscovered subatomic particle that could explain how matter and, therefore, life can exist. To find this "god particle," top physicists at Fermilab use the Tevatron, a four-mile-long, forty-year-old particle accelerator buried beneath the Illinois prairie. However, a new, more powerful accelerator at Europe's CERN laboratory looms on the horizon... Part science, part international competition, and part human drama, The Atom Smashers watches its captivating characters in and out of the laboratory as they race along the intersections of politics, culture, and the possibility of the discovery of a lifetime. Two continents, two accelerators, one particle - who will find it?

Q & A with the Film Directors and Scientists

After the film, the Chicago based directors Clayton Brown and Monica Ross, will answer questions from the audience. Two UC Davis Professors, John Conway and Robin Erbacher, who appear in the film will also be on hand. There will be a reception afterwards with hors d'oeuvres and a wine/beer cash bar.

Time and Place

The screening will be held on Sunday April 26, 2009 at 7 pm in the Chemistry room 194.

Tickets for the film will be $4 (free with a student ID) and is sponsored by the High Energy Frontier Theory Initiative and the UC Davis Physics Department. Call 530-752-4086 for more information.

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Nearby parking is available in the South Entry parking structure of Visitor Parking lots 1 and 5. From I-80, take the UC Davis/Mondavi Center exit. Turn onto Old Davis Road and continue north to the parking structure entrance on the right, VP1 is also right behind the parking structure.

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Parking is $6. Purchase your all day parking permit from the yellow dispenser machine located near the entrance of each parking lot. Please note that visitor parking is also available in staff parking lots/spaces (designated as A lots/spaces) after 5:00 pm. Permits may be purchased from the dispensers in the parking lots. The machines will accept quarters, $1 bills, Visa or MasterCard credit cards.

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