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Raymond T. Co

SaxiGUTs and their Predictions

Apr. 11, 2016

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Abstract: We will present a general study of the class of supersymmetric grand unified theories- SaxiGUTs- where the unified and PQ symmetries are broken simultaneously. There has been little interest in SaxiGUTs since the discovery of the axion misalignment mechanism in 1983 that puts the PQ scale far below the GUT scale to avoid overclosure. However, for TeV-scale SUSY, the decay of the saxion condensates will inevitably dilute the axion energy density, invalidating this overclosure constraint. We will demonstrate that SaxiGUTs can lead to a variety of experimental predictions, including SUSY at the TeV scale, low reheat temperature, high axion decay constant, dark radiation, and proton decay.

Time: 1:30pm-2:30pm

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