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Daniel Egana-Ugrinovic

Effective Theory of Higgs Sector Vacuum States

Sep. 28, 2015

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Abstract: Effective field theory provides an excellent way to organize deviations from the Standard Model Higgs properties, in the case of an extended Higgs sector near the decoupling limit. In this talk, we present the low energy theories of the Higgs sector for some of the most popular beyond the standard model UV completions. For brevity, we only consider the Higgs sector extended with a real singlet (xSM) and with a second doublet (most general 2HDM). We work at tree level and we consider all the effective dimension six effects, and the most interesting effective dimension eight effects. The results are simple, illustrative and provide valuable tools for studying the Higgs sector at LHC run II, and for understanding CP and flavor violating effects in the 2HDM near the decoupling limit.

Time: 1:30pm-2:30pm

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