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Matthew Szydagis

Electron and Photon Generation in the Long Baseline Neutrino Experiment

Oct. 22, 2013

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The Long Baseline Neutrino Experiment (LBNE) will be a multifaceted 1300 km baseline neutrino beam experiment between Fermilab and SURF (Sanford Underground Research Facility). LBNE plans to study neutrino and anti-neutrino oscillations in detail, in the hopes of determining the nature of the neutrino mass hierarchy and measuring the CP violating phase. The broad physics program of LBNE will also include supernova neutrinos, atmospheric neutrinos, and proton decay. In this talk, I focus on new work performed on the subtleties of the underlying physics of the ionization and scintillation yields of the liquid argon which comprises the TPC (time projection chamber) to be deployed at SURF. I will discuss the dependence of these yields on the particle type, energy or dE/dx, and drift electric field magnitude in the context of the new NEST-based (Noble Element Simulation Technique) physics model, applicable to any noble element detector, and detail a simulated application, the discrimination of electrons and gammas in the detector.

Time: 4:10pm-5:10pm

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