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Antonio Masiero

Lepton Flavor Violation, Dark Matter and LHC: a report on SUSY's Health

Aug. 15, 2011

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Abstract: All the three main ways to get signals of TeV new physics (NP) beyond the Standard Model , namely the high energy (LHC), the high intensity (precision tests) and the astroparticle (DM) roads, are putting more and more severe constraints on the NP allegedly responsible for the stabilization of the energy scale of the electroweak symmetry breaking. The most complete and still probably more attracting model of such TeV NP is the minimal supersymmetric extension of the SM (MSSM).In this talk I wish to critically discuss some prospects for flavor changing neutral current tests, in particular those related to lepton flavor violation, and for dark matter direct and indirect searches to be complementary to the LHC searches to discover or rule out at least some realizations of the low-energy SUSY option

Host: Jack Gunion
Room: 416

Time: 4:10pm-5:40pm

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