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HEFTI Public Lectures: Gerardus `t Hooft

Prof. Gerardus `t Hooft Our theoretical understanding of the sub-atomic world would not be complete without the Higgs particle. Sometimes called "The God Particle", this very special particle generates the differences between the fundamental particles and it gives them mass, but until recently it went undetected. Of course, in science we use different words. In this lecture it is explained what this mysterious object really is and why it is needed in our theories, even if it has little to do with God. Using the most powerful particle accelerator in the world, the Large Hadron Collider, physicists for the first time have the tools to produce and observe this particle in detail. Is it as it was predicted? Are there whole families of Higgs particles? The LHC has not yet reached its full power. Will it provide us with more clues or mysteries about the sub-atomic world?

Time and Place

The talk will be held on Thursday Sept. 5, 2013 at 7:30 pm in the Matsui Lecture Hall, UC Davis Medical Education Building, 4610 X Street in Sacramento. The talk will be followed by question period and a book signing.

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Tickets and Parking

Admission is free for the general public. Please register by emailing .

The main parking lot is at 4251 X St.

This lecture is sponsored by the High Energy Frontier Theory Initiative, the American College of Cardiology (California Chapter), and the UC Davis Physics Deptartment. The faculty, postdocs, and students of the High Energy Physics theory group engage in a wide variety of research aimed at understanding the most fundamental building blocks of nature. Our research interests include supersymmetry, supergravity, quantum gravity, general relativity, extra space-time dimensions, particle dark matter, high-energy scattering theory, lattice QCD, and phenomenological implications of string theory.

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