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November 29, 2005

Local Archive of Papers

  1. A Mixed Phase of SUSY Gauge Theories from a-maximization, PDF
  2. Towards a realistic model of Higgsless electroweak symmetry breaking, PDF
  3. TASI-2002 lectures: Non-perturbative supersymmetry
  4. A simple model of two little Higgses, PDF
  5. Gauge theories on an interval: Unitarity without a Higgs, PDF
  6. Variations of little Higgs models and their electroweak constraints, PDF
  7. Super-GZK photons from photon axion mixing, PDF
  8. Big corrections from a little Higgs, PDF
  9. Seiberg-Witten description of the deconstructed 6D (0,2) theory, PDF
  10. Constraints on the SU(3) Electroweak Model, PDF
  11. Glueballs and AdS/CFT, ps, PDF
  12. The effective lagrangian in the Randall-Sundrum model and electroweak physics, ps, PDF
  13. Effects of the intergalactic plasma on supernova dimming via photon axion oscillations, PDF
  14. Dimming supernovae without cosmic acceleration, PDF
  15. 4-D models of Scherk-Schwarz GUT breaking via deconstruction, ps, PDF
  16. Electroweak symmetry breaking by strong supersymmetric dynamics at the TeV scale, ps, PDF
  17. Holographic RG and Cosmology in theories with quasilocalized gravity, ps, fig. 1, fig. 2, PDF
  18. Cosmology of brane models with radion stabilization, ps, PDF
  19. Cosmology of one extra dimension with localized gravity, ps, PDF
  20. Beta functions of orbifold theories and the hierarchy problem, PDF
  21. Single sector supersymmetry breaking, PDF
  22. Glueball mass spectrum from supergravity, PDF
  23. Late inflation and the moduli problem of submillimeter dimensions, PDF
  24. Supergravity models for 3+1 dimensional QCD, figs, PDF
  25. Improved single sector supersymmetry breaking, PDF
  26. Large N QCD from rotating branes, figs, PDF
  27. The Phase Structure of an SU(N) Gauge Theory with N_f Flavors, fig, PDF
  28. Glueball Mass Spectrum From Supergravity, PDF
  29. Orbifolds of AdS_5xS^5 and 4d Conformal Field Theories, PDF
  30. Gauge Theories with Tensors from Branes and Orientifolds, figs, PDF
  31. Duals for SU(N) SUSY gauge theories with an antisymmetric tensor: five easy flavors, PDF
  32. Composite Quarks and Leptons from Dynamical Supersymmetry Breaking without Messengers, PDF
  33. New Mechanisms of Dynamical Supersymmetry Breaking and Direct Gauge Mediation, PDF
  34. Negative contributions to S in an effective field theory, PDF
  35. 't Hooft Anomaly Matching and QCD, PDF
  36. Postmodern Technicolor, PDF
  37. Strong Coupling Electroweak Symmetry Breaking (Snowmass 96), ps, PDF
  38. Self-dual N=1 SUSY Gauge Theories, PDF
  39. Precision Electroweak Constraints on Top-Color Assisted Technicolor, figs, PDF
  40. A Sequence of Duals for Sp(2N) Supersymmetric Gauge Theories with Adjoint Matter, figs, PDF
  41. The Zero Temperature Chiral Phase Transition in SU(N) Gauge Theories, PDF
  42. Direct Tests of Dynamical Electroweak Symmetry Breaking (talk), PDF
  43. Naturally Light Scalars, PDF
  44. Testing Extended Technicolor With R_b (talk), PDF
  45. Isospin Breaking and the Top-Quark Mass in Models of Dynamical Electroweak Symmetry Breaking (talk), PDF
  46. Limits on Non-Commuting Extended Technicolor, figs, PDF
  47. Isospin Breaking and Fine Tuning in Top-Color Assisted Technicolor, figs, PDF
  48. Strongly Coupled Electroweak Symmetry Breaking: Implications of Models, figs, PDF
  49. Limits on the Ununified Standard Model, figs, PDF
  50. Chiral Technicolor and Precision Electroweak Measurements, PDF
  51. A Heavy Top Quark and the Z b bar b Vertex in Non-Commuting Extended Technicolor, PDF
  52. 2+1 Dimensional QED and a Novel Phase Transition, PDF
  53. An Extended Technicolor Model, PDF
  54. Neutrino Cosmology and Limits on Extended Technicolor, figs, PDF
  55. Revenge of the One-Family Technicolor Models, PDF
  56. Walking Technicolor and the $Zb\bar b$ Vertex, figs, PDF
  57. On the Limits of Chiral Perturbation Theory, PDF
  58. Comments on technicolour model building (talk), PDF
  59. Extended technicolor model building (talk), PDF
  60. Monpole non-annihilation at the electroweak scale---Not!, PDF
  61. Mass enhancement and critical behavior in technicolor theories (talk), PDF
  62. Negative contributions to S from majorana particles, PDF
  63. Gauging nonlocal lagrangians (references), PDF
  64. Mass enhancement and critical behavior in technicolor theories, PDF
  65. Nonlocal models of goldstone bosons in aymptotically free gauge theories (html file)
  66. Large corrections to electroweak parameters in technicolor theories (references), PDF
  67. Chiral lagrangian from quarks with a dynamical mass (references), PDF
  68. A nonlocal model of chiral dynamics (references)
  69. No light dilaton in gauge theories (references)
  70. A light dilaton in gauge theories? (references)
  71. Cosmological implications of weakly interacting massive particles (html file), PDF
  72. Quantum ratiation in a one-dimensional cavity with moving boundaries, PDF
  73. abstracts of Pre-LANL-Archive papers
  74. angular integrals, PDF
  75. trace formulas, PDF
  76. tricks, PDF