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Pre-SUSY Symposium, August 18-22, 2015

A Week of Introductory Lectures

Chaired by Howard Haber


  • Introduction to Supersymmetry: Yael Shadmi (3 lectures)
  • Higgs Physics--Standard Model and Supersymmetric Extensions: Marcela Carena (2 lectures)
  • Higgs Physics--Composite Higgs Models and Strong Electroweak Symmetry Breaking: Tony Gherghetta (2 lectures)
  • Collider Physics in the LHC Era and Beyond: Tao Han (2 lectures)
  • BSM Physics in the LHC Era: Michael Dine (2 lectures)
  • Flavor Physics BSM: Yuval Grossman (2 lectures)
  • Neutrino Physics BSM: Ann Nelson (2 lectures)
  • Particle Dark Matter: Tim Tait (2 lectures)
  • Astrophysical Dark Matter: Tracy Slatyer (2 lectures)
  • Introduction to Inflation: Dan Green (2 lectures)
  • Scattering Amplitudes: Henriette Elvang (3 lectures)


Time Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
9:00--10:15 SUSY SUSY SUSY Collider Physics Collider Physics
10:15--10:45 Break Break Break Break Break
10:45--12:00 SM Higgs BSM Theory BSM Theory Composite Higgs Composite Higgs
12:00--1:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
1:30--2:45 Astro DM Astro DM Amplitudes Amplitudes Amplitudes
2:45--4:00 SUSY Higgs Neutrino BSM Particle DM Inflation Inflation
4:00--4:30 Break Break Break Break ---
4:30--5:45 Neutrino BSM Particle DM Flavor BSM Flavor BSM ---


We have received $5000 from DOE very recently and will distribute this to non-local students in support of their housing and transportation. In addition, we are continuing our policy of providing additional travel money to non-local students who attend both preSUSY and the main SUSY2015 conference. We have $7500 in NSF funds for this purpose. Roughly the amount for each of the N such students will be $7500/N with some possible weighting in favor of those from overseas.

Registration and Housing

To register for the pre-SUSY Symposium and reserve accommodation, go to: Registration and Accommodation. Use the "Register On-Line" link. If you do not require accommodation, please click the "no charge" check boxes at the very top and bottom of the Online Registration page.


Registration is complimentary. Students may arrange their own accommodation or use campus housing in dorms. The rates for the latter are:
  • August 17-23, Double Occupancy Room, $460 per person
  • August 17-23, Single Occupancy Room, $500 per person
  • August 17-22, Double Occupancy Room, $385 per person
  • August 17-22, Single Occupancy Room, $420 per person
Housing package includes dinner the first day, three meals per day during the week and breakfast on the last day. The last day to register and be assured of the above on-campus housing is June 17, 2015. After that you can still register for the lectures, but you may have to find your own housing.


Refunds less a $25 administrative fee will be issued for cancellation requests received by June 17, 2015. No refunds will be issued after June 17. Send cancellations via e-mail to


Contact David DeCarr at

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