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Conference fee

In order to accommodate in a fair way the experimentalists who are only just now being assigned parallel session talks, the decision has been made to simply not increase fees from the initial fees. Thus, from here on out, the fees will simply be as follows.

For regular participants the conference fee will be $325.

For postdocs within 3 years of their degree, the fee will be $200.

For students, the fee will be $150.

These fees will be paid at the same time as you book accommodations on the Granlibakken site. The Granlibakken website will appear when you go to the ACCOMMODATION link to the left.

Important: Postdocs within three years of degree and students should note that on the Granlibakken site you will need to enter (as per detailed instruction on the ACCOMMODATION link) information that will establish that you qualify for the applicable reduced conference registration fee.