SUSY 2015 > Plenary sessions

Plenary sessions

General Talks
Joe Lykken: conference summary
Tomohiko Tanabe: e+e- Colliders
Liantao Wang: Future Hadron Colliders

Confirmed theoretical speakers
Nima Arkani-Hamed: TBA
Kyu Jung Bae: SUSY and dark matter
Brando Bellazzini: Composite Higgs Models
Ralph Blumenhagen: Moduli Stabilization/inflation
Radja Boughezal: Status of Precision SM Higgs Cross Section and Branching Ratio Calculations
Nathaniel Craig: Neutral Naturalness
Mirjam Cvetic: F-theory
Henriette Elvang: Amplitudes
Raphael Flauger: Implications of CMB Observations
Gordon Kane: From underlying Planck scale M-theory to predictions for TeV scale superpartners
Mathew Kleban: Inflation
Mariangela Lisanti: Dark Matter Theory
Steve Martin: Status of weak scale SUSY
Fernando Quevedo: SUSY-breaking/phenomenology in IIB with moduli stabilization
Joe Polchinski: D-brane and anti D-brane dynamics
Lisa Randall: TBA
Yael Shadmi: SUSY Flavor
Jessie Shelton: Higgs in the BMSSM (SUSY and non-SUSY)
Jing Shu: EW phase transition and Baryogenesis
David Simmons-Duffin: The Conformal Bootstrap
Pietro Slavich: Higgs in the SM/MSSM
Emmanuel Stamou: Flavor Review
Jamie Tattersall: Tools for SUSY Models

Confirmed Experimental Speakers
Attillio Andreazza: SM Higgs Results (ATLAS and CMS)
Thomas Blake: Status of Quark Flavor
Tristan Du Pree: Overview of BSM Higgs Physics from ATLAS and CMS
Yuri Kolomensky: Status of Lepton Flavor
Tommaso Lari: ATLAS SUSY Searches
Petar Maksimovic: Exotic Searches for Composite Higgs, t tbar resonances, ...
Harry Nelson: Direct DM Detection
Hideki Okawa: Higgs and other Flavor Violation at High Energy at the LHC
Priscilla Pani: Searches for Dark Matter at the LHC
Christian Sander: CMS Results on SUSY Searches
Sezen Sekmen: New SUSY Search Techniques
Christoph Weniger: Indirect DM Detection
Stephen West: Non-Standard Dark Matter