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Accommodations will be at the Granlibakken Conference Center and Lodge, which is located at 725 Granlibakken Road, Tahoe City, CA.

  • IMPORTANT: All participants will have to make their own hotel reservations through Granlibakken. The link is GRANLIBAKKEN LINK. Please note that the appropriate conference registration fee will be charged at the same time as you complete your Granlibakken reservations. Please read the descriptive material below before going to the Granlibakken link. Your INDICO registration will be cancelled if we do not find that you have registered also at the Granlibakken site.
  • CONFERENCE REGISTRATION FEES: The regular conference registration fee will stay put at $325. Originally I had planned to increase to $450 after June 15. However, since many experimentalists are only just now being assigned their talks by the experimental speaker committees, this would be unfair to them. And, it is too complicated to separate such cases out. Correspondingly, the fee for students will remain at $150 and that for postdocs within 3 years of degree will remain at $200. Students and postdocs will have to provide information on the Granlibakken link that verifies their qualification for the reduced conference fees.

    ACCOMMODATION PACKAGES: All persons must be registered at Granlibakken and must participate in one of the following packages: EARLY BOOKING IS STRONGLY ADVISED.

    PACKAGE #1: The nightly package for those participants who will be housed at Granlibakken includes:

    • 1 nights' lodging
    • 1 full breakfast
    • 1 lunch
    • 1 dinner
    • Free in-room wireless (lodging and meeting rooms)
    • Free parking
    • 20% tax and service
    BEDROOM UNITS & ROOMS WITHIN A TOWNHOUSE: Double Occupancy: $212.40 per participant, all inclusive nightly rate; Single Occupancy: $279.60 per participant, all inclusive nightly rate.

    EXECUTIVE LODGE & STUDIO UNITS: Double Occupancy: $242.40 per participant, all inclusive nightly rate; Single Occupancy: $336.00 per participant, all inclusive nightly rate.

    PACKAGE #2: for spouse or guests. $60.00 per person, per night, inclusive. The Spouse/Guest must share the same room as the participant paying the single rate. Includes meals and lodging in package #1.

    PACKAGE #3: In the event that Granlibakken fills up, there will also be an offsite package. This package will not be available until Granlibakken is fully booked. (This package may be used at any time by students and postdocs within 3 years of degree and by special permission from J. Gunion.) The rate will be $84.00 per day, inclusive, and includes all of package #1, with the exception of the lodging.
    Since there have been a few questions regarding this seemingly high charge let me summarize what it covers more completely. Aside from all meals, it covers: coffee breaks, conference room costs, a few cocktail hours or similar social events, special banquet meal, Granlibakken staff services. These are all items that would normally have to be paid for from the registration fee or similar. The registration fee will go mainly towards excursion costs, copying costs, conference "goodies", etc.
    Regarding off-site accommodation, the hotel rates in Tahoe City are such that an individual will not save much money relative to Granlibakken's cheapest package of $212.40 per day once the hotel rate (typically $120-$150 per day plus 20% tax) and $84 per day off-site package rate are combined. The way to really save money is to locate a roommate. That would save you about $72-$90 per day after including tax. If you would like to book off-site accommodation, please contact David DeCarr (email:, phone: 530 752 4086). If he does not respond promptly, please contact Bill Tuck (email:, phone: 530 752 4088). We have one block of rooms that they will inform you about. If you want to find a roommate, David and Bill will attempt to match people up.
    Of course, you can always find your own accommodations if you wish. (You will still have to register on the Granlibakken site for the $84 per day package.) However, keep in mind that complimentary shuttles will only be provided by Granlibakken to the Tahoe City hotels/motels.
    STUDENT ROOMS: The special low-priced student rooms are now completely full, so students and postdocs will have to use one of the options listed above.