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On Friday afternoon we will conduct a tutorial for how to run physics processes with FeynRules, MadGraph, and CalcHEP (and of course PYTHIA) and process the events through the PGS simulation program. Here are links to the relevant programs, and to two data files that will be used in the tutorial:

Things you have incorporated in MC programs

  • hidden valleys and unparticles in PYTHIA (Steve Mrenna)

Wishlist of things you want someone else to do

  • gaugephobic Higgs (John Terning)

Questions, or things that you would like to learn

  • How to choose from different detector simulation packages :PGS, ATLFAST, DELPHES…(Zhenyu Han)
  • How is spin correlation included in Herwig? How to implement new models with spin correlations? (Zhenyu Han)
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