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Finding the Light, Hidden Higgs

Mar. 7-8, 2008
University of California Davis


Precision electroweak constraints favor a Higgs with a mass near 100 GeV, but searches at LEP and the Tevatron have so far found no evidence for it. It is possible that the Higgs is lighter than the LEP bound of 114 GeV for the Standard Model Higgs because non-standard decays or couplings have prevented it from appearing in standard searches. This workshop will explore the prospects for detecting such a “hidden” Higgs. Topics include decays to 4 b, 4 tau, missing energy + X, multijets, and also suppressed Higgs production.

Higgs in a haystack


Friday March 7

Saturday March 8

Suggested reading:


  • Haiying Cai (UCD)
  • Yi Cai (UCD)
  • Spencer Chang (NYU)
  • Hsin-Chia Cheng (UCD)
  • John Conway (UCD)
  • Radovan Dermisek (IAS)
  • Robin Erbacher (UCD)
  • Patrick Fox (FNAL)
  • Jack Gunion (UCD)
  • Zhenyu Han (UCD)
  • Roni Harnik (SLAC)
  • Nemanja Kaloper (UCD)
  • David E. Kaplan (Hopkins)
  • Winston Ko (UCD)
  • Dick Lander (UCD)
  • Markus Luty (UCD)
  • John McRaven (UCD)
  • Bruce Mellado (CERN)
  • Dave Pellett (UCD)
  • Andrew Pilkington (CERN)
  • Alexei Safonov (FNAL)
  • David Stancato (UCD)
  • John Terning (UCD)
  • Jay Wacker (SLAC)
  • Neal Weiner (NYU)
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