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Andrei Gritsan

The Power of Spin Correlations: from B-decays to Higgs and Beyond at the LHC

May 5, 2010

The importance of the LHC physics program for the future of high-energy physics requires designing techniques and analysis tools that are not biased towards a particular model of beyond the Standard Model physics. We study the production and decay of a new single resonance at the LHC, with examples ranging from the Standard Model Higgs boson to KK Graviton in the models with extra space dimensions. We show how the most general description is possible, which may allow one to extract the maximum information about the new resonance far beyond the mass and rate measurements. Depending on the final state, information about the spin of the resonance, parity, production mechanism, couplings to fermions, gluons, and EW bosons may be extracted from the multivariate likelihood analysis. The case of the di-boson final state is considered with detailed MC simulation including all spin correlations and major detector effects, where the CMS experiment at LHC is introduced as an example. We make comparison to powerful analysis techniques developed for polarization measurements in B-physics.

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