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Missing Energy Workshop

April 1-2, 2009

  • Martin Schmaltz Theory motivation for MET pdf file
  • Meenakshi Narain Searches with MET at the LHC pdf file
  • Diego Casadei Missing Et Trigger pdf file
  • Peter Loch Commissioning Missing Et pdf file
  • Greg Landsberg MET in CMS pdf file
  • Jason Nielsen MET Calibration with W+jets / GMSB pdf file
  • Bruce Mellado Normalizing VV production at the LHC pdf file
  • Discussion on MET searches/prospects pdf file
  • Johan Alwall Approaches to Model Independent Searches pdf file
  • Philip Schuster Model Independent Characterizations of New Physics with Early Data pdf file
  • Johan Alwall Communication between theorists and experimentalists pdf file
  • Dan Green Discussion ppt file pdf file

Thursday Apr. 2

  • Albert de Roeck The Day After: Strategies to Characterize New Physics pdf file
  • Natalia Toro Excesses and Models pdf file
  • Jay Hubisz MET Lookalikes pdf file
  • Discussion on NP attack strategies pdf file
  • Konstantin Matchev Introduction to Mass and Spin Determinations pdf file ppt file
  • Michael Peskin IPMU mass and spin determination workshop summary pdf file
  • Moderated discussion on mass and spin determinations
  • Partha Konar Inclusive variablespdf file mathematica file
  • Myeonghun Park Decay chains with invisible particles pdf file
  • Zhenyu Han Constraining the mass space pdf file
  • Tao Han Moderated discussion: Theory/Expt collaboration in the LHC era pdf file
  • Jack Gunion Paradigms for Collaboration pdf file
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