Last Updated
November 29, 2005

Modern Supersymmetry: Dynamics and Duality

by John Terning

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pg. 2 In the first part of equation 1.6 the upper limit should be \Lambda^2+m_t^2

Pg. 9, Eq. (1.35), |Omega_1/2 0> should be |Omega_1/2>

Pg. 37, Eqn (2.123), sigma with a bar should be replaced by sigma, the i removed and the - i replaced by +.

Pg. 51, Fig. 3.8 should be replaced by this.

Pg. 53 Eq. (3.3) quark-gluino should be replaced by squark-gluon

Pg. 53 Eq. (3.38) the extra scalar propagator should be removed

Pg. 55, Eqn (3.53) capital D's should be replaced by lowercase d's.

Pg. 71 Eq. (4.44) parenthesis should be removed, term should be: -b - M_Z^2 c_{\beta} s_{\beta}

Pg. 82, Fig. 4.8 should be replaced by this.

Pg. 90 Eq. (5.2) remove 1/2 in front of F*F and remove g^2 in front of D^a D^a

Pg. 124, between Eqn. (7.88) and (7.89) the fermion zero mode factor should be
(Z_j mu)^(-1/2).

Pg. 135 Eq. (8.18) a partial derivative symbol is missing in the denominator

Pg. 151, Eq. 9.34, the first term on the right should have a factor cof(M^F_F)/det M.

Pg. 153, Eq. 9.51, rho should be replaced by 1/rho.

Pg. 189, Table (11.39), the R-charge of the meson M should be 2(F-1-N)/F.

Pg. 192 Eq. (11.52) Lambda^{2N}->Lambda^{4N+1}

Pg. 204, Table 12.43, row with (Q^{2N-1}) should be removed.

Pg. 235, Equation (14.11) and the rest of this section for for F,N >>1.

Pg. 253, line 8-9, reference to Eq. (15.40) should be to Eq. (15.39) Pg. 270, Eq. (16.59) lambda should be squared.

Pg. 271 Eq. (16.65) M should be replaced by M_PL

Pg. 288 Eq. (17.46) the dimension of a right-ahnded spinor should be d/2+ m R for m R > -1/2, this is a new result

Typeset corrections to the equations can be found in the lecture slides.