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A Random Image

Sarah Everard detective recalls shock at learning killer was PC: A new BBC documentary reveals the moment police found out Wayne Couzens was a police officer.
£100m Church fund not enough to address slavery links, says report: A report says the Church should apologise for its historic involvement in the slave trade.
Germany under pressure to explain leaked phone call over Ukraine war: In the call, senior air force officials discuss the pitfalls of supplying German-made Taurus missiles to Ukraine.
Gangs threaten Haiti takeover after mass jailbreak: A state of emergency is declared after armed gangs stormed a major prison, freeing thousands of inmates.

As measles cases climb, parents urged to vaccinate their children: A Yemeni child receives treatment for measles in the Huthi-rebel-held Yemeni capital Sanaa, on March 21, 2021.

Quebec greenlights X gender markers for driver's licences, health cards in policy U-turn: screen asking to select your gender between the options female, male and X.

In a surprise decision, the Quebec government has approved X gender markers on provincial driver's licences and health cards for trans and non-binary people.

Did you get a text with your SIN that claims to be from Canada Revenue Agency? It's a scam: Person holding cell phone over a keyboard.

Tax season is here and with it, a new scam. The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre says it involves a text message, containing a person's name and personal info, that appears to come from the Canada Revenue Agency. The warning comes as Ontario Provincial Police launch Anti-Fraud Prevention Month.

New York Times Science
Why It’s So Challenging to Land Upright on the Moon: Two spacecraft have ended up askew on the lunar surface this year. It is easier to tip over in the weaker gravity on the moon than you may imagine.

On the Trail of the Denisovans: DNA has shown that the extinct humans thrived around the world, from chilly Siberia to high-altitude Tibet — perhaps even in the Pacific islands.

Daddy Longlegs Have Been Hiding Extra Eyes From Us: The arachnids, which are not spiders, were thought to have only two eyes, compared with many more on spiders.

Cat’s Meows Are So Misunderstood: A study suggests that humans often misinterpret a pet’s signals; even purring doesn’t guarantee a contented cat.

Researchers Dispute Claim That Ancient Whale Was Heaviest Animal Ever: A new study argues that Perucetus, an ancient whale species, was certainly big, but not as big as today’s blue whales.

Visualizing Science

The oldest known human art is also the oldest known human attempt to record Nature.  This painting is 34,000 years old and was found in the Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave, which is the subject of Werner Herzog’s film: Cave of Forgotten Dreams. Herzog used a 3D camera to capture how the shapes of the walls were incorporated into the paintings.

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