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A Random Image

Watch: Drones drop water bottles to trapped Ukrainians: Supplies are delivered to those trapped by floodwaters in Russian-controlled areas of the Kherson region.
Air quality: How to protect yourself from Canada wildfire smoke: With toxic air quality in parts of North America likely to persist, here's what you can do to stay safe.
Watch: Timelapse of New York shrouded in orange haze: Timelapse video of the city's skyline shows the air quality worsen in a matter of a few hours.
Busy escalator in South Korea suddenly changes direction: People were thrown to the floor and others tried to escape over the sides of the escalator.

Is virtual reality the future? Apple's betting on it, but VR experts say we may not be there yet: Apple Event

On Monday, Apple unveiled a new product that's either revolutionary, or very expensive hype, depending on whether you read the company description of the Vision Pro or media reviews of its unveiling. 

Jonita Gandhi was rejected from Canadian Idol. Now she's behind some of Bollywood's biggest hits: Jonita Gandhi

Shortly after her Bollywood debut, the Brampton, Ont., singer's successes started piling up. Now based in Mumbai, she's toured alongside other famous playback singers like Sonu Nigam and A.R. Rahman.

Who really owns key Canadian assets? Regulators aren't sure but they want to find out: internal files: Dirty Money Casinos 20191210

The financial fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine hit home a long-standing problem in Canada, according to internal government documents: regulators don’t have basic information about who really owns key companies and assets.

New York Times Science
Scientists Discover First Virgin Birth in a Crocodile: The act of reptile reproduction suggests that dinosaurs and pterosaurs may have been capable of parthenogenesis, too, much like the creatures in “Jurassic Park.”

Birds With a Taste for Flesh Threaten Whale Calves: In Argentina, kelp gulls are attacking the backs of southern right whales, imperiling the recovery of an endangered species.

Kilauea Volcano Erupts With ‘Incandescent’ Glow in Hawaii: The volcano on the Big Island gave hints in the past month that an eruption might be imminent.

Birth Control for Cats? Gene Therapy May Offer a Method: A small study uses genetic engineering with the goal of curbing vast stray feline populations.

Visualizing Science

The oldest known human art is also the oldest known human attempt to record Nature.  This painting is 34,000 years old and was found in the Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave, which is the subject of Werner Herzog’s film: Cave of Forgotten Dreams. Herzog used a 3D camera to capture how the shapes of the walls were incorporated into the paintings.

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