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A Random Image

Abercrombie & Fitch ex-CEO accused of exploiting men for sex: An organised network recruited men for sex with Abercrombie & Fitch’s then-CEO - BBC investigation.
How Mike Jeffries used shirtless models to sell Abercrombie: The Californian Mike Jeffries had a clear vision when he took over - "We go after the cool kids."
Electoral politics begin to bite into Ukraine support: On both sides of the Atlantic, cracks are beginning to form in Western nations' support for Ukraine.
James Webb telescope makes 'JuMBO' discovery of planet-like objects in Orion: The new space observatory sees pairs of Jupiter-sized objects floating free between the stars.

Somali community in Ottawa rattled 1 month after fatal wedding shootings — and no arrests: Someone gives an interview next to a piece of colourful artwork.

Eight people were wounded — two fatally — in the Sept. 2 attack at an Ottawa convention centre. One month later, members of Ottawa's Somali community are uneasy with the pace of the investigation and comments from some public officials.

Body of 5-year-old boy who fell into Quebec's St. Maurice River found by divers: Police cars and truck parked in a residential area.

A search began shortly after 6 p.m. Sunday in the municipality of Grandes-Piles, located north of Shawinigan and approximately 185 kilometres northeast of Montreal. The boy's body was found by divers Monday around noon.

Q&A: A groundbreaker in N.L. health care, Sister Elizabeth Davis is about to make history at the Vatican: A smiling elderly woman wearing a red shirt.

Sister Elizabeth Davis has been a principal figure for decades in the Newfoundland and Labrador health-care system. The Roman Catholic nun is about to undertake a new adventure that is close to her original calling.

New York Times Science
Lise Meitner, the ‘Atomic Pioneer’ Who Never Won a Nobel Prize: Lise Meitner developed the theory of nuclear fission, the process that enabled the atomic bomb. But her identity — Jewish and a woman — barred her from sharing credit for the discovery, newly translated letters show.

A New Satellite Outshines Some of the Brightest Stars in the Sky: Astronomers warn that BlueWalker 3, a test spacecraft with a large array of antennas, could be the first of many larger satellites in low-Earth orbit that interfere with astronomical observations.

Bizarre Cancer Has Been Spreading Among Shellfish for Centuries, Studies Find: The cancer likely started off as an immune cell that mutated, multiplied and adapted to survive in the water.

James Webb Telescope Discovers Orion Nebula Enigmas That ‘Shouldn’t Exist’: In new, high-resolution imagery of the star-forming region, scientists spotted worlds that defied explanation, naming them Jupiter Mass Binary Objects.

A Nobel Prize Might Lower a Scientist’s Impact: A team of researchers at Stanford find that older scientists are less productive after winning major awards like the Nobel and the MacArthur Fellowship.

Visualizing Science

The oldest known human art is also the oldest known human attempt to record Nature.  This painting is 34,000 years old and was found in the Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave, which is the subject of Werner Herzog’s film: Cave of Forgotten Dreams. Herzog used a 3D camera to capture how the shapes of the walls were incorporated into the paintings.

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