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A Random Image

Ukraine war: Russia admits mobilisation errors, amid growing public opposition: Reports say people with no military experience, or who are too old or disabled, are being enlisted.
Children flee school in Russia after gunman opens fire: Footage shows pupils evacuating as a shooting leaves at least 13 people dead and 21 injured.
Giorgia Meloni: Italy's far-right wins election and vows to govern for all: Giorgia Meloni is set to lead a right-wing coalition as Italy's first female PM.
Bank will 'not hesitate' to raise interest rates after pound's fall: The Bank of England said it was "monitoring developments closely" after the pound hit a record low.

'The devastation is unbelievable': N.L. premier warns number of homes destroyed by Fiona could rise: port aux basques drone 2

Border vaccine rules, mandatory use of ArriveCAN, mask mandates on planes and trains to end on Oct. 1: TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS

The federal government is dropping all COVID-19 measures at borders, meaning travellers will no longer need to provide proof of vaccination when entering Canada or wear masks on planes and trains, Ottawa announced today.

Friends of Ontario university alumnus in mourning after husband arrested in Pakistan murder case: Sarah Inam

Friends of Sarah Inam are in mourning as police in Pakistan investigate the killing of the 37-year-old alumnus of Ontario's University of Waterloo. Inam's husband of four months and his father, a columnist and TV political analyst in Pakistan, have been arrested.

New York Times Science
NASA’s DART Mission Crashes Into an Asteroid to Defend the Earth: The spacecraft plowed into a space rock with the goal of demonstrating how an asteroid threatening Earth could be deflected.

3 Chimpanzees Kidnapped for Ransom From Congo Sanctuary: In a country where wildlife trafficking already runs rampant, conservationists fear that ransoming of animals may become a common tactic used by criminals.

Shy Raccoons Are Better Learners Than Bold Ones, Study Finds: Wildlife management strategies focused on aggressive raccoons may be inadvertently boosting the proportion of more clever ones in cities.

See Images of Neptune Come Into Focus With Webb Telescope: New images from the space-based observatory offer a novel view of the planet in infrared.

The Number of Ants Worldwide Reaches Into the Quadrillions: There are 20 quadrillion ants worldwide, according to a new census, or 2.5 million for every living human. There are probably even more than that.

Visualizing Science

The oldest known human art is also the oldest known human attempt to record Nature.  This painting is 34,000 years old and was found in the Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave, which is the subject of Werner Herzog’s film: Cave of Forgotten Dreams. Herzog used a 3D camera to capture how the shapes of the walls were incorporated into the paintings.

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