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A Random Image

'You can't destroy our dreams' says Zelensky as war in Ukraine enters third year: Ukraine's president calls on people to keep fighting, but the anniversary comes at a difficult time for Kyiv.
Two years into Russia's invasion, exhausted Ukrainians refuse to give up: Ukrainians may be fatigued by the war, but they still see it as a fight for survival.
Gaza desperately needs more aid but agencies can’t cope: Paul Adams examines why agencies are unable to get desperately needed aid into the Gaza Strip.
Relief for thousands back home after bomb drama: More than 10,000 people had to move out for a military convoy carrying an unexploded WW2 device.

Man accused of smuggling Indian family that died near Canada-U.S. border arrested in Chicago: A man, a woman, a young girl and an infant boy sit together and smile.

U.S. authorities arrested a man this week who is accused of helping smuggle a family that froze to death near the Canada-U.S. border in Manitoba in January 2022. New court records released in that case also provide a new link to an alleged human smuggler living in the Toronto area.

Canada almost wiped out syphilis. Now rates are skyrocketing — as more women, infants getting infected: Colorized electron micrograph of Treponema pallidum, the spiral-shaped bacteria that cause syphilis.

The latest federal data shows there were nearly 14,000 cases of infectious syphilis across the country in 2022, as well as 117 instances of early congenital syphilis. And the rates have been rising for years. Is Canada doing enough to curb the trend?

Straight outta Tahltan: First Nation beader creates medallion for Ice Cube — who wears it on stage: A split image, one showing a woman wearing a beaded medallion, the other showing rapper Ice Cube wearing the same medallion.

Beader Carmen Dennis drove more than 1,600 kilometres to see the Straight Outta Compton rapper perform in Abbotsford, B.C., and gift him some of her artwork.

New York Times Science
Moon Lander Is Lying on Its Side but Still Functional, Officials Say: The Odysseus spacecraft was drifting horizontally as it set down, and a landing strut may have hit an obstacle on the surface.

Duke Shuts Down Huge Plant Collection, Causing Scientific Uproar: University officials say they cannot afford to maintain one of the largest herbariums in the United States. Researchers are urging Duke to reconsider.

Dirty Ice May Be Ugly, but It Has One Advantage: Freezing water with salt or other impurities yields ice that is easier to loosen from a surface, according to a new study.

When Eyes in the Sky Start Looking Right at You: New satellites that orbit the Earth at very low altitudes may result in a world where nothing is really off limits.

Visualizing Science

The oldest known human art is also the oldest known human attempt to record Nature.  This painting is 34,000 years old and was found in the Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave, which is the subject of Werner Herzog’s film: Cave of Forgotten Dreams. Herzog used a 3D camera to capture how the shapes of the walls were incorporated into the paintings.

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