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The following information is based on rumors submitted by our correspondents from around the world. Since many physics departments will not verify this (in principle) public information, we cannot guarantee that any information is accurate. This information is provided as a public service, no warranty is expressed or implied. Your mileage may vary.

The UC Davis Physics Department disavows any responsibility for the information contained herein.

1994 Faculty Jobs:

Note: only limited information is available since the rumor page was not implemented until the following year

  • University of British Columbia

Short List: David Atwood, Rob Leigh, John Terning, …
Offered to: two condensed matter types, both declined, search postponed

  • Brookhaven

Short List:
Offered to:

  • SUNY Buffalo

Short List: Ulrich Baur, Mike Dugan, …
Offered to: Ulrich Baur

  • University of California, Berkeley

Short List: Hiroshi Ooguri, …
Offered to: Hiroshi Ooguri (accepted)

  • Carnegie Mellon

Short List: Ben Grinstein, Fred Gilman, …
Offered to: Ben Grinstein (declined), Fred Gilman (accepted)

  • Case Western Reserve

Short List: Glenn Starkman, Tanmay Vachaspati, …
Offered to: Glenn Starkman (accepted), Tanmay Vachaspati (accepted)

  • Cincinnati

Short List: Mike Dugan, Alex Kagan, Markus Luty, John Terning, …
Offered to: Alex Kagan (accepted)

  • Columbia University

Short List: Marc Kamionkowski, …
Offered to: Marc Kamionkowski (accepted)

  • Duke University

Short List: Ben Grinstein
Offered to: Ben Grinstein (declined)

  • University of Indiana

Short List: Michael Berger, …
Offered to: Michael Berger (accepted)

  • University of Kentucky

Short List: Alfred Shapere, …
Offered to: Alfred Shapere (accepted)

  • McGill University

Short List: James Cline, Markus Luty, …
Offered to: Markus Luty (declined), James Cline (accepted)

  • University of Notre Dame

Short List:
Offered to:

  • University of Pittsburgh

Short List:
Offered to:

  • University of California, San Diego

Short List: Ben Grinstein, …
Offered to: Ben Grinstein (accepted)

  • Texas A & M University

Short List:
Offered to:

  • University of Toronto

Short List: Glenn Starkman, John Terning, …
Offered to: two offers to experimentalists, both declined, search postponed

  • Yale University

Short List: Mike Dugan, Steve Hsu, Samson Shatashvili …
Offered to: Steve Hsu (accepted), Samson Shatashvili (accepted)

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