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Joint Theory Seminar: Ryutaro Matsudo

Description Speaker: Ryutaro Matsudo
Title: Missing final state puzzle in the monopole-fermion scattering
Host: John Terning

Abstract: It has been known that when a charged fermion scatters off a monopole, the fermion in the s-wave component must flip its chirality, i.e., fermion number violation must happen. This fact has led to a puzzle; if there are two or more flavors of massless fermions, any superposition of the fermion states cannot be the final state of the s-wave scattering as it is forbidden by conservation of the electric and flavor charges. The unitary evolution of the state vector, on the other hand, requires some interpretation of the final states. We solve the puzzle by finding new particle excitations in the monopole background, where multi-fermion operators exhibit condensation. The particles are described as excitations of closed-string configurations of the condensates.
Date Mon, April 19, 2021
Time 1:30pm-2:30pm PDT
Duration 1 hour
Access Public
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Updated Mon, March 29, 2021 9:48pm PDT
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