The Javatm Telnet Application/Applet: Telnet Plugin

© 1996-1999 Matthias L. Jugel and Marcus Meißner

Version 2.0 beta / Java 2 and 1.1.x
Available under GNU General Public License

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Telnet Plugin

This is a more complicated plugin. It handles all the telnet negotiations between the client (this program) and the remote host. In cooperation with other plugins, like the Terminal it negotiates setting like terminal type and terminal size. However, as a user you do not actually have to know about that.

There is nothing you could configure in the telnet layer. Make sure you put this plugin in between a Socket-like plugin and other plugins that operate above the telnet protocol layer, like the Script plugin.

Additional Programmer Documentation is available:
This is the programmer documentation for the plugin. Use it as an example if you want to write your own back end plugins.
This plugins uses some of the events and listeners described here.
Copyright 1996-1999 Matthias L. Jugel, Marcus Meißner
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