The Javatm Telnet Application/Applet: Documentation

© 1996-1999 Matthias L. Jugel and Marcus Meißner

Version 2.0 beta / Java 2 and 1.1.x
Available under GNU General Public License

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Software Documentation

There are two classes of software documentation available. One is for end users who would like to use the application/applet on their web server or standalone and the other is for programmers who would like to write additional plugins or use parts of the software for their own development.

Additionally we will compile a small Frequently Asked Questions list to answer the most common questions about the software. So if you are new and have problems with the software have a look there first, before you proceed and Email to the authors.

Documentation Remarks
Frequently Asked Questions Look here first if you are experiencing problems while using the software. Most people have the same questions and those will be answered here.
End User Documentation
Java Telnet Application The standalone program to be used as a replacement for native Telnet implementations.
Java Telnet Applet An applet implementation to be used by web service providers or just as private remote log in to your home account.
Plugins Documentation for available plug-ins. These include the standard plug-ins like Socket, Telnet and Terminal and some addional ones like Status and SSH.
Programmers Documentation
Top of the Source
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This points to the top of the documentation source tree. It contains a list of all packages and all Classes and Interfaces.
You may want to look at other sources for information about Java, Telnet, Terminal Emulation and Secure Shell.
Copyright 1996-1999 Matthias L. Jugel, Marcus Meißner
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