Santa Fe 2000 Summer Workshop

``Supersymmetry, Branes and Extra Dimensions''

July 31-August 11, 2000


The T-8 group at the Los Alamos National Laboratory will host its annual workshop at Saint John's College in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The topic of this summer's workshop will be supersymmetry, branes and extra dimensions. The conference has been scheduled such that participants could also attend either the workshop on physics beyond the standard model or the strings workshop at the Aspen Center for Physics.

We plan to have two or three talks daily, with plenty of time for informal discussion and collaboration. To encourage this informality, attendance will be limited to 40 participants.


Housing will be available at the St. John's campus and will be provided at a subsidized rate. Students and postdocs will receive a larger subsidy than faculty. A limited number of apartments will be available for participants bringing families and participants wishing to share living quarters. Further details on housing and costs may be found here.

There will be no registration fee.


We ask that participants plan to attend for either or both weeks of the workshop.The deadline for registration and $125/week housing deposit has been extended to April 15, 2000. After that date subsidized housing will be unavailable. Full payment for housing will be due July 15, 2000. We will be unable to provide travel expenses and salaries for the time spent at the workshop. We will only provide a partial housing subsidy.

If you have additional questions, contact the organizers, Csaba Csaki and Josh Erlich at