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QMAP Particles/Cosmology Csaba Csaki

Description Speaker: Csaba Csaki
Title: On the Dynamical Origin of the η′ Potential and the Axion Mass
Room: 3024
Host: John Terning
Abstract: We investigate the dynamics responsible for generating the potential of the η′, the (would-be) Goldstone boson associated with the anomalous axial U (1) symmetry of QCD. The standard lore posits that pure QCD dynamics generates a confining potential with a branched structure as a function of the θ angle, and that this same potential largely determines the properties of the η′ once fermions are included. Here we test this picture by examining a supersymmetric extension of QCD with a small amount of supersymmetry breaking generated via anomaly mediation.
Date Mon, February 26, 2024
Time 1:30pm-3:00pm PST
Duration 1 hour 30 minutes
Access Public
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Updated Sun, February 18, 2024 8:54am PST
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