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QMAP Particles/Cosmology Seminar: Raman Sundrum

Description Speaker: Raman Sundrum
Title: Cosmology and Unification
Room: 3024
Host: Markus Luty

Abstract: I will review how future measurements of primordial Non-Gaussianities in the CMB, Large Scale Structure and 21-cm cosmology can probe very heavy particle physics at inflationary energy scales, by a mechanism known as “cosmological collider physics". Intuitively, the production of heavy particles is due to the “Hawking temperature” of inflationary spacetime, and their detection is via their decay into inflatons. Even greater mass reach is shown to be possible via “chemical potential” enhancement. These mechanisms are applied to plausible targets, namely our most ambitious gauge-Higgs and extra-dimensional theories, such as Orbifold Grand Unification, “dark” sectors, and the Standard Model itself, with particles as exotic as spin-2 Kaluza Klein gravitons. I will show how the Hierarchy “Problem" of the Standard Model may become an asset in this context, allowing it to be more readily probed during inflation via the mechanism of “Heavy-Lifting”.
Date Mon, November 1, 2021
Time 1:30pm-3:00pm PDT
Duration 1 hour 30 minutes
Access Public
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Updated Tue, October 5, 2021 9:47am PDT
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