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special seminar: Daniel Litim

Description Speaker: Daniel Litim, University of Sussex
(Visitor to Steve Carlip's quantum gravity class, giving a
seminar open to all.)
Room: 185
Host: Carlip
Title: Interacting UV fixed points - from 4D quantum gauge
theories to 4D quantum gravitation
It is commonly believed that a fundamental definition of
quantum field theory requires the existence of an UV fixed
point. Asymptotic freedom of QCD is the well-known
example where the fixed point is non-interacting. In this talk, I provide a proof of existence for novel classes of 4D
matter-gauge theories whose high-energy behaviour is
governed by an interacting UV fixed point. In the absence
of asymptotic freedom, scalars, fermions, and non-Abelian
gauge fields cooperate in such a way that an interacting
UV fixed point emerges. I discuss the key characteristics
of these theories which are all under strict perturbative
control. I also discuss recent advances and challenges to
find interacting UV fixed points in 4D quantum gravity
once couplings become strong.
Date Thu, February 5, 2015
Time 6:20am-7:30am PST
Duration 1 hour 10 minutes
Access Public
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Updated Tue, February 3, 2015 1:05am PST
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