Chiral Lagrangian from Quarks with Dynamical Mass

By B. Holdom, J. Terning, K. Verbeek

Published in Phys.Lett.B245:612-618,1990. (ERRATUM.ibid.B273:549,1991)

We develop a simiple model for coupling the pseudo-Goldstone bosons of QCD (pi's, K's, eta) to quark fields. This nonlocal model incorporates a momentum dependent dynamical quark mass Sigma(p) in a manner consistent with global symmetry. Explicit current quark masses and gauge fields are also introduced. All low energy parameters of the chiral Lagrangian are expressed in terms of Sigma(p). In particular we obtain the ten coefficients of order p^4 terms in the energy expansion. The physical values for m_pi^0, m_K^+, m_K^0, f_pi, and f_K are used to determine the three current quark masses, the constituent quark masses, and the quark condensate. The results are in surprisingly good agreement with the experimental values.