Mass Enhancement and Critical Behavior in Technicolor Theories

Thomas Appelquist, John Terning, and L.C.R. Wijewardhana
published in Phys. Rev. D44 (1991) 871.

Quark and lepton masses in technicolor theories can be enhanced if the high energy, extended technicolor (ETC) interactions play an important role in electroweak symmetry breaking. This happens when the ETC coupling and the technicolor gauge coupling at high energies lie close to a certain critical line. The enhancement has been associated with the existence of composite scalars made mainly of technifermions, with masses small compared to the ETC scale. The initial study of these states was carried out with the technicolor gauge coupling neglected. In this paper we investigate the properties of such scalars including the technicolor gauge interactions. We find that for realistic values of the gauge coupling, the scalars will not be narrow resonances. Mass and width estimates are made and some comments about the phenomenology of these states are included.

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