two gamma event


Higgs/SUSY Workshop

Participants/Invitations Status


  • Last ,First ,arrival ,departure ,accomm., ,support accomm., ,support travel,,talk?
  • Apresyan,Artur,21-Apr,27-Apr,Aggie Inn,,yes,,no/own funding,,yes
  • Baer,Howard,???,???,,,yes,,yes,,yes
  • Chacko,Zackaria,??,??,??,,yes,,???,,yes
  • Dumont,Beranger,15-Apr,27-Apr,Best Western,,yes,,no/own funding,,yes
  • Ellwanger,Ulrich,4/21/13,4/24/13,Aggie Inn,,yes,,yes,,yes
  • Fan, JiJi, 4/24/13,4/27/13,?,,yes,,yes,,yes
  • Hays,Jonathan ,4/21/13,4/26/13,?,,yes,,yes,,yes
  • Korytov,Andrey,4/21/13,4/25/13,Aggie Inn,,yes,,yes,,yes
  • Kraml,Sabine,4/17/13,4/28/13,Best Western,,yes,,no,,yes
  • Pappadopulo,Duccio,???,???,,,??,,??,,yes
  • Schumm,Bruce,4/22/13,4/25/13,?,,yes,,no,,yes
  • Sekmen,Sezen,4/21/13,4/27/13,Best Western,,yes,,yes,,yes
  • Sekula,Steven,4/21/13,4/27/13,?,,yes,,dallas to SFO,,yes
  • Su,Shufang,4/21/13,4/25/13,?,,yes,,no,,”yes, 2hdm or nmssm”
  • Wuerthwein,Frank,4/24/13,4/26/13,?,,yes,,yes,,yes

Invited but Declined

  • Gian Giudice
  • Nima Arkani-Hamed
  • Joe Lykken
  • Jonathan Feng
  • Csaba Csaki
  • Paddy Fox
  • Marumi (atlas exp) quasi degenerate higgs discrimination
  • Spencer Chang

Invited and considering

  • Tao Han,probably no,”ww scattering or 2hdm or nmssm, latter two overlap with Shufang Su”
  • Howie Haber, 2hdm?

Invited but no answer

  • Lisa Randall, suggested topic naturalness
  • John March-Russell

Not yet invited but on the list to invite

  • Ian Low, naturalness
  • Graham Kribs, new ideas
  • Neal Weiner, “sister higgs, naturalness”
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