two gamma event


Lisa Randall  declined
David Shih  accepted
Matt Reece  accepted
Jessie Shelton  accepted
Raman Sundrum  declined
Neil Weiner    declined
Howie Baer     accepted
Scott Thomas   declined
Matt Strassler declined
Roni Harnik    accepted
Paddy Fox      accepted
Graham Kribs   declined
Spencer Chang  accepted
Josh Ruderman  accepted
Ben Heidenreich accepted
Mariangela Lisanti  declined
Philip Schuster  declined
Natalia Toro

David Stuart       accepted
Beate Heinemann    accepted (will bring students)
Gordon Watts       accepted
Ian Hinchcliffe    declined
Daniel Whiteson    declined
Oliver Buchmuller
Kyle Cranmer
Andreas Hoecker    declined
Sanjay Padhi       declined
Giacomo Polesello  declined
George Redlinger   declined
Jason Nielsen
Eva Halkiadakis
Tom LeCompte       accepted
Andrew Ivanov      accepted
Bruce Schumm       considering
Ariel Schwartzman  declined(Atlas physics week): 2 grad students
Jean-Francois Arguin
Jeff Richman
Filip Moortgat
Daniel Elvira

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