Top @ Tevatron 4 LHC

Nov. 20-21, 2009
University of California Davis


Abstract: As the LHC ramps up, the Tevatron will have high-precision data on the top quark with sensitivity to new physics at the TeV scale. With the LHC ramping up, this workshop will assess whether there are opportunities for top-related physics at the Tevatron that have not been utilized. Main topics: top-related new physics searches at the Tevatron; the possible anomaly in the top forward-backward asymmetry; and boosted top/jet substructure at the Tevatron. The workshop will have approximately equal number of theorists and experimentalists, and the format is informal with lots of time for discussion.

fermilab highrise in shape of a t




Suggested reading:


  • Kaustubh Agashe (Maryland)
  • Daniele Alves (Stanford)
  • Dan Amidei (Michigan, CDF)
  • Anupama Atre (Fermilab)
  • Kassahun Betre (SLAC)
  • Gustavo Burdman (Sao Paulo/Fermilab)
  • Yi Cai (UCD)
  • Haiying Cai (UCD)
  • Eric Chabert (Brussels, CMS)
  • Spencer Chang (UCD)
  • Hsin-Chia Cheng (UCD)
  • Max Chertok (UCD, CDF/CMS)
  • DooKee Cho (Brown, D0)
  • John Conway (UCD, CDF/CMS)
  • Jorgen d'Hondt (Brussels, CMS)
  • Robin Erbacher (UCD, CDF/CMS)
  • Rouven Essig (SLAC)
  • Jamison Galloway (UCD)
  • Aran Garcia-Bellido (Rochester, D0/CMS)
  • Doug Glenzinski (Fermilab, CDF)
  • Hock Seng Goh (UC Berkeley)
  • Zhenyu Han (Harvard)
  • Ann Heinson (UC Riverside, D0)
  • Guiyu Huang (UCD)
  • Andrew Ivanov (Kansas State, CDF/CMS)
  • Martin Jankowiak (Stanford)
  • Will Johnson (UCD, CDF)
  • Nemanja Kaloper (UCD)
  • Wai Yee Keung (UIC)
  • KC Kong (SLAC)
  • Richard Lander (UCD)
  • Andrew Larkoski (SLAC)
  • Liang Li (UC Riverside, D0)
  • Mariangela Lisanti (Stanford/SLAC)
  • Markus Luty (UCD)
  • Damien Martin (UCD)
  • John McRaven (UCD)
  • Seong Chan Park (IPMU, University of Tokyo)
  • Michael Peskin (SLAC)
  • Sal Rappoccio (Johns Hopkins, CMS/CDF)
  • Vikram Rentala (UC Berkeley)
  • Albert de Roeck (UCD, CMS)
  • Rob Roser (Fermilab, CDF)
  • Britney Rutherford (UCD)
  • Christian Schwanenberger (Manchester, D0/Atlas)
  • Tom Schwarz (UC Davis, CDF/CMS)
  • Tom Schwarz (UCD, CDF top convener)
  • Jing Shu (IPMU)
  • David Stancato (UCD)
  • Alan Stone (DOE)
  • Ruggero Altair Tacchi (UCD)
  • John Terning (UCD)
  • Jesse Thaler (UC Berkeley)
  • Brock Tweedie (Johns Hopkins)
  • Chris Vermilion (University of Washington)
  • Jay Wacker (SLAC)
  • Gordon Watts (U. Washington, D0/Atlas)
  • Daniel Whiteson (UC Irvine, CDF/Atlas)