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Jiayin Gu

Higgs mass from compositeness at a multi-TeV scale

Nov. 6, 2013

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Abstract: We propose a composite Higgs model based on top condensation seesaw mechanism. With the addition of a new vector-like quark, this model has a 2-Doublet 2-Singlet composite scalar sector that preserves an approximate U(3)_L flavor symmetry. The lightest CP-even neutral scalar is a PNGB of the approximate U(3)_L symmetry and can be significantly lighter than the other new states in the model. Remarkably, its mass has a rather restricted range, 80 <~ M_h <~ 180 GeV, within reasonable regions of the parameter space of the model, even with modest additional U(3)_L breaking effects from electroweak interactions. It also has very Standard Model like couplings and is therefore a natural candidate for the 126 GeV Higgs boson discovered at the LHC. The main constraint of this model comes from the Peskin-Takeuchi T parameter, which requires the chiral symmetry breaking scale to be much higher than the electroweak scale. The other new states are too heavy to be probed by the LHC, but may be within the reach of a future collider with center-of-mass energy of O(100) TeV. Measuring T parameter more precisely will also constitute a probe to the model.

Time: 12:10pm-1:10pm

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