Theoretical Particle Physics Jobs Rumor Mill


The following information is based on rumors submitted by our correspondents from around the world. Since many physics departments will not verify this (in principle) public information, we cannot guarantee that any information is accurate. This information is provided as a public service, no warranty is expressed or implied. Your mileage may vary.

The UC Davis Physics Department disavows any responsibility for the information contained herein.

1996 Faculty Jobs:

Short List: Mark Alford, Pilar Hernandez, Raman Sundrum, …
Offered to: condensed matter experimentalist

Short List: Paul Aspinwall, Brian Greene, David Morrison, Ronen Plesser
Offered to: Paul Aspinwall (declined), David Morrison

Short List: Ken Intriligator
Offered to: Ken Intriligator (accepted)

Short List: Ken Intriligator, Shamit Kachru, Juan Maldacena, Krishna Rajagopal, …
Offered to: Ken Intriligator (declined), Juan Maldacena (accepted)

Short List: Shyamoli Chaudhuri
Offered to: Shyamoli Chaudhuri (accepted)

Short List: Philip Argyres, Paul Aspinwall, Sean Carroll, Shamit Kachru, Ronen Plesser, Scott Thomas, Krishna Rajagopal, …
Offered to: Philip Argyres (accepted)

Short List: Sean Carroll, …
Offered to:
Status: search postponed until next year

Short List: Peter Arnold, Krishna Rajagopal, John Terning, three condensed matter types
Offered to: Paul Aspinwall (accepted), Ronen Plesser (accepted), Krishna Rajagopal (accepted), one condensed matter type (accepted)

Short List: Marcela Carena, Peter Cho, Pilar Hernandez, Krishna Rajagopal, Raman Sundrum, John Terning, …
Offered to: Marcela Carena (accepted)

Short List: Shamit Kachru, John March-Russell, Krishna Rajagopal, Scott Thomas, …
Offered to: Scott Thomas (declined), Shamit Kachru (declined)

Short List: Bharat Ratra, …
Offered to: Bharat Ratra (accepted)

Short List: Shamit Kachru
Offered to: Shamit Kachru (accepted)

Short List:
Offered to:
Status: search postponed until next year due to lack of funds

Short List: Ian Balitsky, Michael Frank, Joe Milana, Colin Morningstar, John Sloan, Adam Szczepaniak
Offered to: Ian Balitsky (accepted)

Short List: Philip Argyres, Shyamoli Chaudhuri, …
Offered to: Shyamoli Chaudhuri (declined)

Short List:
Offered to:

Short List: Scott Thomas
Offered to: Scott Thomas (declined)

Short List: Ken Intriligator, Scott Thomas
Offered to: Ken Intriligator (declined)

Short List: Sean Carroll, Shyamoli Chaudhuri, …
Offered to: Sean Carroll (declined)

Short List: James Amundson, David Atwood, Oscar Hernandez, Rajamani Narayanan, Tatsu Takeuchi
Offered to: Tatsu Takeuchi (accepted)

Short List: Martin Savage, …
Offered to: Martin Savage (accepted)

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