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-sd+===== Bruno Nachtergaele ===== 
 +==== Research Interests ==== 
 +Bruno Nachtergaele'​s general research area is Mathematical Physics. He works on a variety of problems in equilibrium and non-equilibrium statistical mechanics. His current interests include ground states and dynamics of quantum spin systems, stability and low-lying excitations of quantum interfaces, hydrodynamic limits of quantum many-body systems, and properties of the dynamics of quantum lattice systems. Applications are found in Condensed Matter Physics, Nanotechnology,​ and Quantum Information Theory and Quantum Computation. 
 +==== Contact ==== 
 +Office: 3142 Mathematical Sciences Building\\ 
 +Phone: 530-601-4444 x 4011\\ 
 +Email: <​>​\\ 
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