The High Energy Frontier Theory Initiative (HEFTI) supports research in theoretical particle physics, cosmology, and quantum gravity at UC Davis. The initiative led to the hiring of four new faculty members (Hsin-Chia Cheng, Nemanja Kaloper, Markus Luty, and John Terning), and continues to support an ongoing visitor program and an  innovative series of workshops and public lectures.

Previous public speakers have included David Gross (Nobel Prize 2008), Lisa Randall, Nima Arkani-Hamed, and Laurence Krauss.

The HEFTI workshops and visitor program have brought top scientists from around the world in contact with UC Davis, and have substantially raised the profile of UC Davis in fundamental physics. The workshops were pioneers in bringing together small groups of experts from different specialities interested  in a particular physics question for focussed but open-ended discussion. This style of workshop proved to be very effective in nucleating new research and collaborations, and has since been widely adopted.

To learn more about our activities and how you can support HEFTI,

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