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Joint Theory Seminar: Wei Xue

Description Speaker: Wei Xue (Florida U.)
Title: The quest for new physics in the Sun

The ultralight bosonic fields are attractive possibilities as dark matter candidates. In this talk, I will discuss two well-motivated ultralight fields: axions and dark photons. The XENON1T collaboration has observed excess in electronic recoil events below 5 keV over the known background, which could originate from beyond-the-Standard-Model physics. I will review some of the theoretical interpretations of the XENON1T excess, and focus on the solar axion explanation. For the dark photon dark matter, it can efficiently convert into photons in the outermost region of the solar atmosphere, the solar corona. The possibility to utilize radio telescopes with solar observations to search for dark photon dark matter will be presented.
Date Mon, December 14, 2020
Time 1:30pm-2:30pm PST
Duration 1 hour
Access Public
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Updated Mon, December 7, 2020 4:00pm PST
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