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Joint Theory Seminar: Jiji Fan

Description Joint Theory Seminar
Speaker: Jiji Fan (Brown U)
Title: Higgscitement: Cosmological Dynamics of Fine Tuning
Host: Xiaochuan Lu
Room: 432
Abstract: The Higgs potential appears to be fine-tuned, hence very sensitive to values of other scalar fields that couple to the Higgs. I will discuss that this feature can lead to a new epoch in the early universe featuring violent dynamics coupling the Higgs to a scalar modulus. The oscillating modulus drives tachyonic Higgs particle production. I will present a simple parametric understanding of when this process can lead to rapid modulus fragmentation, resulting in gravitational wave production. A nontrivial equation-of- state arising from the nonlinear dynamics also affects the time elapsed from inflation to the CMB, influencing fits of inflationary models. Supersymmetric theories automatically contain useful ingredients for this
Date Mon, May 21, 2018
Time 6:30am-7:30am PDT
Duration 1 hour
Access Public
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Updated Mon, March 12, 2018 9:14am PDT
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