Headquartered in Montreal, The Seagram Company Ltd. operates two core, global businesses: beverages and entertainment/communications. The Company employs 30,000 people worldwide. Seagram's distilled spirits, wines, fruit juices, coolers and mixers are sold in more than 150 countries and territories. Affiliates and joint ventures in 41 countries comprise the largest distribution system in the spirits and wine industry. Seagram manages its worldwide beverage operation through two major business units - The Seagram Sprits and Wine Group and The Seagram Beverage Group - and two U.S.-based specialized premium wine operations, The Seagram Classics Wine Company and Seagram Chateau & Estate Wines Company. Seagram's entertainment/ communications company, MCA INC. makes motion pictures, television and home video products, publishes books, produces recorded music, and operates theme parks.

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