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A Random Image

Hong Kong protests: Police officer wounded with arrow at campus stand-off: Police and anti-government protesters are involved in renewed clashes near a university campus.
Prince Andrew criticised for 'car-crash' BBC Newsnight interview: Royal experts are questioning his decision to speak about his links to sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.
Sri Lanka election: Wartime defence chief Rajapaksa wins presidency: Gotabaya Rajapaksa is declared the winner in a poll that has split the country along ethnic lines.
US election 2020: Democrats respond to Obama's warning: Some call for party unity while others defend their policies as Barack Obama's remarks fuel debate.

Undercover Mountie tried to blame theft on disability : RCMP logo generic

An undercover Mountie who was caught stealing and then tried to blame the episode on a disability has had her grievance denied.

Wexit party to run federal and provincial candidates across Western Canada: Wexit rally Calgary

A western separatist party will be running candidates not just federally in four provinces but provincially in those provinces as well, attendees at a Saturday rally in Calgary heard.

Experts optimistic amid predictions in new report that Canada will miss emission targets: Montreal youth climate march

Some experts are optimistic despite a new international report that found Canada won't meet its 2030 and 2050 targets.

New York Times Science
Millions of Ibises Were Mummified. But Where Did Ancient Egypt Get Them?: DNA analysis of the preserved birds found in many catacombs undercuts the explanation that there were large-scale ibis breeding farms.

Leonids Meteor Shower Will Peak in Night Skies: Meteor showers can light up night skies from dusk to dawn, and if you’re lucky you might be able to catch a glimpse.

Hibernation Works for Bears. Could It Work for Us, Too?: A grizzly’s body can slow down for months without damage. Researchers wonder if the ability can be harnessed to aid human health.

How Narwhal the ‘Unicorn’ Puppy May Have Grown a Tail on His Head: The likeliest explanation is not all that cute, some scientists say. But Narwhal is still very cute.

How Did Plants Conquer Land? These Humble Algae Hold Clues: Two algal species share important genes with all modern land plants, a new analysis finds.

Visualizing Science



Computer model provides a new portrait of carbon dioxide
By Patrick Lynch

An ultra-high-resolution NASA computer model has given scientists a stunning new look at how carbon dioxide in the atmosphere travels around the globe.

Plumes of carbon dioxide in the simulation swirl and shift as winds disperse the greenhouse gas away from its sources. The simulation also illustrates differences in carbon dioxide levels in the northern and southern hemispheres and distinct swings in global carbon dioxide concentrations as the growth cycle of plants and trees changes with the seasons.

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

This is gorgeous… and strangely soothing.

For more mesmerizing climate models, watch Gavin Schmidt’s talk about climate change patterns»

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