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A Random Image

Koreas to march under single 'united' flag in Olympic Games: The North and South also agree to field a joint women's ice hockey team at the Pyeongchang Games.
Apple to pay $38bn on foreign cash pile: The payment is expected to be the largest of its type following US tax code changes.
Dylan Farrow addresses Woody Allen sexual assault claim: Woody Allen's adopted daughter says she feels "outrage" after "years of being ignored".
Ahed Tamimi: Spotlight turns on Palestinian viral slap video teen: Palestinian Ahed Tamimi is viewed as a symbol of resistance by some and a propaganda tool by others.

Big banks move to match Bank of Canada's rate hike: POLOZ BOC

Canada's biggest lenders have raised their prime lending rates on the same day that the country's central bank moved its benchmark interest rate 25 points higher.

Indefinite solitary confinement in Canadian prisons ruled unconstitutional by B.C. court: segregation decision

A B.C. Supreme Court judge has ruled that the practice of indefinite solitary confinement in Canadian prisons is unconstitutional.

SeaRose shut down after Husky reprimanded for iceberg close call: li-searose-aerial-file

The C-NLOPB has suspended operations for the SeaRose FPSO because of how it handled an incident with a too-close iceberg last March.

New York Times Science
Trilobites: Being Antisocial Leads to a Longer Life. For Marmots.: Unlike most mammals, yellow-bellied marmots with more active social lives died younger than those that kept to themselves, scientists found after tracking them for 13 years.

Fireball Cuts Through the Sky Over Michigan as Meteor Falls: Videos showed a bright flash of light, followed by a pop almost like a light bulb burning out.

Trilobites: Where Did Animals With Tail Weapons Go? Here’s a Back Story: Scientists have identified traits that may have been related to dinosaurs like stegosaurus and ankylosaurus and other animals developing fearsome rear-end weapons.

Trilobites: The Squid That Sink to the Ocean’s Floor When They Die: Some squid sink to the ocean floor when they die, researchers found, and they may take a lot of carbon down there with them.

Trilobites: The Swiss Consider the Lobster. It Feels Pain, They Decide.: The Swiss government has banned tossing lobsters and other crustaceans into boiling water. But what’s the science behind that decision?

Visualizing Science



Computer model provides a new portrait of carbon dioxide
By Patrick Lynch

An ultra-high-resolution NASA computer model has given scientists a stunning new look at how carbon dioxide in the atmosphere travels around the globe.

Plumes of carbon dioxide in the simulation swirl and shift as winds disperse the greenhouse gas away from its sources. The simulation also illustrates differences in carbon dioxide levels in the northern and southern hemispheres and distinct swings in global carbon dioxide concentrations as the growth cycle of plants and trees changes with the seasons.

NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center

This is gorgeous… and strangely soothing.

For more mesmerizing climate models, watch Gavin Schmidt’s talk about climate change patterns»

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